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Surprizeshop Ladies Velcro Golf Visor

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GV00 Georgia Visor


Introducing the Surprizeshop Ladies Velcro Golf Visor – a perfect blend of style, functionality, and innovation for the modern female golfer. This visor was specifically designed for LPGA and LET tour player Georgia Hall, who chooses to wear this visor on tour. 

Elevate your golfing experience with this exceptional accessory that seamlessly combines fashion with performance.

Available in a range of classic colours including White, Navy, Pink, and Black, this visor adds a touch of elegance to your golfing attire. Whether you're teeing off under the sun or seeking shade during a friendly round, this visor offers unparalleled comfort and style.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Velcro Strap: Achieve a customized fit with the adjustable Velcro strap. Say goodbye to uncomfortable headgear – this visor ensures a snug and secure fit for every head shape and size.
  • Padded Headband: Experience supreme comfort as you focus on your swing. The padded headband prevents discomfort, even during extended hours on the course, ensuring your concentration stays on your game.
  • Rigid Peak: Enjoy unobstructed views and superior sun protection. The rigid peak shields your eyes from glare and harmful UV rays, allowing you to maintain a clear vision of the green and your targets.
  • Hand Enamelled Ball Marker: Elevate your accessorizing game with the included Hand Enamelled Ball Marker. This unique and stylish accessory attaches effortlessly to the visor via a magnet embedded in the peak. Flaunt your individuality with this subtle yet eye-catching embellishment.

Surprizeshop, the brand behind this exquisite visor, has earned its reputation as a trailblazer in golf accessories. With a dedication to merging fashion and function, Surprizeshop is the proud recipient of the prestigious "Women in Golf" Brand of the Year Award for 2023. This recognition underscores the brand's commitment to empowering female golfers with top-tier products that enhance their game and style.

Whether you're a seasoned golfer or just starting out on the fairway, the Surprizeshop Ladies Velcro Golf Visor is a must-have addition to your golfing ensemble. Elevate your look, protect yourself from the elements, and accessorize with flair – order yours today and experience the difference that quality and innovation can make on the course.

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